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Early detection

makes a difference

Early diagnosis is vital, it not only improves the effectiveness of treatment, but also the quality of life of your patients.

Through DNA analysis our tests are capable of timely detecting diseases such as cancer, hereditary disorders, or infectious diseases from a simple blood sample.

Committed to the One Health concept.          We work to improve the quality of life for both humans and our animals.

Early diagnosis

makes a difference.

OncoCan Test

Early detection of multiple canine cancers using massive sequencing analysis (NGS) and proprietary bioinformatics algorithms.

Our technology allows for detailed examination of dog DNA to identify genetic biomarkers in blood linked to various types of cancer.

With Oncotest, new pathways in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in dogs are opened, facilitating earlier and more effective intervention.


OmiCare AI

 Revolutionising Veterinary Oncological Diagnosis.

OMICARE AI is an innovative artificial intelligence platform that transforms cancer diagnosis in pets. It integrates genomic data, clinical information, and medical imaging to provide accurate diagnoses about the type and progression of tumors.

This unique tool personalises oncological treatment, making a significant difference in veterinary medicine with solutions tailored to each patient.”

With OMICARE AI, Omica Biomed is pioneering new paths toward optimal care for cancer patients.


Gentest is a genetic testing service specifically designed for veterinary use. This test analyses an animal’s DNA to identify genetic differences or mutations that may predispose them to certain diseases, including hereditary disorders and cancers.

We utilize advanced technology that enables us to analyze multiple diseases from a single sample.

Each sample undergoes a comprehensive genetic disease panel analysis. This high-throughput technology requires only a small volume of consumables, allowing us to reduce costs significantly.



¿How does it work?

Quick, painless, and simple..

From a simple blood or saliva sample.

Customer Testimonials

“As a veterinary oncologist, I am convinced that Oncotest will transform our care practice. This liquid biopsy test represents a major advancement, offering significant benefits for our canine patients, their families, and for us, the professionals dedicated to their care.”


Sara Tarancón Amador


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